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An Artist's Timeline

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

It's that time of year, that if I want anything to be available for sale this fall/winter season that I have to get my concepts down on paper at the very least. Between this phase and final poly coat on paint, and print proofs on cards etc is a mere three months away.. YIKES, i should have started sooner. But alas, it always gets done. It all starts with a rough, and i do mean rough, see photos, sketch of a preliminary concept.. these are for pickets. I"m thinking about making most new pickets as two season art pickets. so these would be halloween and winter.. I'll do some christmas/holiday ones also. I'll be sure to share WIP photos so you can choose one for someone that you love.

Then there's Finny the Newf, my paper DOG.. who is very fashion conscious. What/where will she be this winter? maybe on a beach vacation? that could be fun, instead of the usual christmas theme. or maybe both? I need to write the stories to her adventures. All of her cards have a story, in my head. Last year's was that she and her friends, Labs, another newf, a golden a mouse and a rabbit, gathered to decorate the tree at the light house. Finny was late, and arrived in her yoga pants, offering a wreath.

And what about all the other fun concepts that are on my table, awaiting their debut.. Namaste' Newf's, some colored pencil projects featuring crabs and light houses, tesselation light house cards, so many fun things.

Which ones will make the cut!. Can't wait to see.

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