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WELCOMING back my art head!

It's been a crazy year for everyone.

I've got a new home base with a STUDIO.

I"m creating all sorts of new things.

And will continue to repurpose pickets and other architectural elements,

create graphic designs from favorite town buildings and lighthouses,

and envision the potential in otherwise mundane objects.

I'm looking forward to sharing this next phase of

I'll be posting work in progress photos over on FB, and will keep an album of those things, here, too, under collections!

I"m adding floorcloths, and other painted canvas options ,

table runners, placemats, pet bowl mats, and coasters.

If you have any gift ideas I'd love to hear about them.

And YES, I'm still dog sitting along the east coast!

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Carol Bloomfield
Carol Bloomfield
27 Σεπ 2022

Hi Jen ! It was an absolute delight meeting you today and your dog Rakas who is the sweetest dog I've ever had the pleasure of patting! I think she likes me. The feeling is mutual. I have some things to do this week but will call soon to make plans to meet for coffee.

Ps I see what you mean! You have a style all your own...unique, fun and great color! I love how the smile is like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland! Very cool!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Carol Bloomfield

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