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SPOTS! Oh my have Rakas and I had a crazy week. Traveling from one dog sit to the next with a Newfoundland that has hot spots has been tough. Add to that I've torqued my lower back making most easy things at least ten times harder. Here we are making some progress with both ailments, and attempting to plug in a few hours on art projects in between.

I was hoping to cut some pickets while I was in Massachusetts, but that may have to wait until Maryland next week. I have plenty of them that are WIP, so I'll just keep painting on them for now. I have some Holiday ideas that I want to get moving on. There are some fish that need sanding too. For now, sitting down art is needed.

Reinventing these in colored pencils.  Maybe for note cards or prints.
a set of four(3shown) lobsters.

I have started visualizing some leash hangers that will utilize some fun "dog butt" hangers. I will also look for boat style cleats to use as hangers also.

Rakas and I will visit home depot and try to find just the right thing. I 'm a hands on sort of shopper, and she loves to go "shopping". A "win-win! She and I met a FB acquaintance from FB at Lowes in NJ, last week. That was fun.

Emma and Rakas. The Brown Girls at Lowes!

Posting In Progress photos gives you a chance to see the process, ask questions about availability or anything else, or ask to be put on a "first refusal" for a certain piece when it is finished. Use the contact form for any of these things or just to say Hi. As always, my blog and website are a WIP. I"m learing as I go. Look forward to hearing from you.

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