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Something's Fishy

and that's a good thing. I sold all of the fish that i was busy cutting and sanding in May. This morning I remembered that I still have a cache of picket pointy tops that need to have shapes drawn onto. These mundane tasks have a place in the grand scheme of things. 5:45 AM is not typically a very creative time for me. The fishes are now drawn on the pieces of wood. I will be back to my saw after this current dog sit is completed next week.

In the bag of pieces of wood I found two fish that I wanted to try out as a way to use the wee pieces left over from cutting the larger fish. In my ever present almost too late fashion, here are two patriotic fish that I'm adding to my store. If i mailed them today, they'd be there in time for your Fourth of July celebration.

While I have been sitting an adorable 10 month old Newfoundland puppy, I have made some progress on five garden art pieces. These will be two sided hand painted fence pickets with animals dressed for Halloween on one side, and Winter on their opposite side.

I have also gotten my lighthouse designs sorted out.

Rakas my four year old Newfoundland dog, is helping with the dog sitting. She is very intuitive, and presents behaviours for the puppy to mimic. She made it big in the social media world this week, with 10K likes of her photo with her UPS man. Thanks Tom for posing with her.

I am participating in an artist studio tour on labor day Sunday. Should I create something new for the silent auction or maybe put a Christmas piece out in September?

The struggle is real. I love it. My days are always happier when paint and pencils are


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