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When life gives you

Reclaimed Wood. You cut, you sand and you sometimes glue together two pieces to make fish, boats, santas and an octopus. I've been so busy with this project wanting to get most of it done before leaving for my next dog sit that Rakas the Newfoundland didn't get a Halloween costume this year. She got to wear her So"Wester hat like the Gloucester fisherman wears. She was less than amused but she humored me.

I"m attempting to get more proficient with utilizing and updating my website's store, and getting an inventory together to see me through the holidays, the Christmas Bazaar at Holy Trinity Church on Dec 7th and beyond. I've decided to keep these oxford style pickets close to home for this season. Moving forward I feel that that there will be a change. Either in medium ie a locally specific picket shape which I adore, or to move to something more universal. I love the shape because of it's constraints and because they are just not a rectangle with some paint on them. I feel that they are self limiting to some degree, and wonder what your thoughts might be. I have shipped them across the country to delighted recipients, and have commissioned them locally for home decor and yard signage for house numbers, farm names etc.

I daresay that I won't stop painting. There's too many fun things in my imagination that need to be shared.

Have a look around my "shop" page. lots of new things in the "fish" collection, and a few in the home and garden art.. Many more are nearly completed and will be posted within a week or two. Please message me if you envision just the perfect gift picket for someone special.

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