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There's no place like HOME...

I hope that this finds you well and healthy with your dearest family members, pets and familiar surroundings. Dorothy was right. " Just click your heels together and repeat..."

Most of you may know that I'm a dog/house sitter and an artist.

In as much as I would love to be busy with new portrait commissions, pickets, and other items for sale or inventory, it seems that those will have another time to shine. I will be attempting to offer some of my art to parents with small children, as activity pages each day.

Free Coloring, cutting and imagination pages.

My ambition is to provide Finny the Newf, a "paper dog" that can be dressed up each weekday.

I will put the Paper Dog and her first outfit up this weekend. Look for that post for all the details. It's easy, free, and fun.

My thought in all of this is to provide me with a schedule, a deadline and such things as are missing from my normal. To provide a bit of fun to children seems a good diversion and a way for me to grow in my computer literacy. An added bonus.

For now it's time to just be in our families. Pray. Take good care of yourselves. Sleep.

I will be right here drawing new Free Finny the Newf outfits.

Jenn and Rakas the Newf

I need to make some changes to my website offerings, as I am sheltering in place away from my inventory, and most of my painting and cutting tools.

I will leave my web site store items up for browsing. Payment options have been turned off for now. Surely, message me if you see something that you are interested in.

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