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Free Finny the Newf

While we're all home staying safe, and keeping others safe, I'm going to offer Finny the Newf as Free Finny digital Files available on my website. Just a little bit of fun for the small ones, or those of us that remember paper dolls, and want to have a it of fun with a Paper Dog.

She's a paper dog Newfoundland dog, that can be dressed up in outfits for all sorts of occasions.

She had a soft start this weekend .Each weekday she'll have something new to offer via down load. . Some days they'll be colored and ready to cut out and dress her up. Other days, it might be a coloring page to decorate on your own.

I"m gearing this for children, as a possible activity to look forward to, a bit different that what is available and to spark our imaginations. I'd love any feedback via FB or contact form on my website.

The pages will be free, via my website . You must use a promo code on the check out page. the code will be listed with the link on my page and also in the description on my website. using a code was the only way to offer it for free.

This is the link to get you started with Finny herself.

All of her downloads will be available for you to pick and choose. Enjoy!

Start with Finny herself. Once you have her, make a few copies. attach her to cardstock or laminate for younger hands. You should be able to pick and choose one or all. Just like shopping, but no money /account information is needed. just your name and address to download to.

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