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Free Finny starts Today

Here is Finny the Newf, and her first page with her blue dress and ruby slippers, just like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz. Like Dorothy, we should all just want to be HOME..

There's no place like it, these days! Please don't resize these when you print them as the outfits won't fit correctly. This is my first attempt with digital downloads. Kind, gentle feedback is welcomed.

this is the Link for Finny, herself.. click on the link, and insert

promo code free finny

on the check out page.

this is the Link for her page 1. click on the link, and insert

promo code page 1

on the check out page.

These pages are free,downloaded via my website .

You must use a coupon code on the check out page.

The coupon code will be the page number of the page you are ordering. (page 1 , page 10, whatever)

You can add as many pages as you like with a different code for each. (haven't figured out one code for all yet)

There's a reminder to use the promo code in the description on the listing as well.

This was the only way that I could offer it for free, from my website.

I will post a photo of the newest, Free Finny outfit or activity page on my FB page each day.

This is the link to my website.

All of the pages will be listed there, as we move through these next days/weeks.

Kind, gentle feedback is appreciated.

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