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Dog Butt Hooks

I've finally got the hooks so that I could complete these new leash hangers. I love these rubber hooks from Ikea, so quirky and funny, and just perfect for any water dog's leashes. There are three short pickets and one long one, that actually looks better with five chrome hooks. Have a look in my store!

I'll hope to add more as it gets closer to the holidays but for now, these are what I have to hang your furry one's leashes on.

The lighthouses will be going to print soon. I'll keep you posted on those, as there has been some interest.

I have about 30 pickets that I"m working on. Birds and Bugs, Dogs and Cats, and even a terrapin. The halloween/winter gang should be done and up for sale in a few weeks.

Hopefully, at some point I'll figure out how to just post the link to my blog, and not be confusing and reposting. All a learning curve.

Thanks for having a look! Please share!

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