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Coming Soon, Halloween, Winter, Christmas and BUGS

HI Everyone. I''m going to ask right now, to please SHARE my posts, and add a comment if you like my art style. Liking a post is nice, but doesn't promote the post forward. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thank you!

I"m attempting to play catch up after a month long hiatus from away from a laptop .. I am hoping to have my Halloween and winter two sided pickets into my store, this weekend.

I have just found out that I will be a vendor at a local craft and art marketplace the first week in December. There's so much to do, in addition to my regular day job. Thankfully, the dogs have been mostly cooperative.

Be sure to see all the fine vendors that will be here!

I was able to get some seasonal photos of the Halloween pickets in their element, so I"ll post those here. A very nice man, named Neil, allowed me to photo my pickets at his 'Gardener's Place" in Leominster, MA. So very generous and kind. He invited me back for holiday photos if I wanted to! Thanks Neil.

The listing for each will be in the home and garden art section of my store. The photos there will show each picket's front and reverse side. Something new this fall, the two sided pickets will allow for two seasons of use, rather than just one event/holiday/or season. Let me know what you think of this concept! There will be regular one sided pickets for the winter holidays.

Bugs, birds and smaller critters are coming soon.

These are one sided pieces that will sit on a shelf or hang on a wall . Can be personalized with house numbers or hooks for an added fee.

Please bear with me as I get all these things completed and listed. YES, you can message me if you see something that catches your eye. I will put your name as first refusal before I list it for sale. I just sold this picket with two butterflies meeting in the middle, before it was completed.

The bee and the butterfly. WIP photo.

I'd look forward to hearing from you soon. Hello from Rakas, looking GRAND, in the fall colors. Thank you for reading to the end!

Rakas with her matching pumpkin eye color!. Love this Girl!

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